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Guardian Program

We have a guardian program for our females. In this program, females live with a guardian family and come back to us when they are bred and then to have their puppies.

Guardian families do not pay to be part of the guardian program. However, families must agree to our guardian contract. As part of that contract, families agree to care for their foster dog in their own home, as a loved family pet. That includes covering all costs associated with the dog while she is in their care, including food and vet costs. Families must also agree to monitor their guardian dog for signs of heat and return her to us promptly when it is time for her to breed or have puppies.


Once retired from our program, the dog is spayed and we transfer full ownership to the guardian family.  Dogs can be excluded from the program at any time, under normal circumstances, this does not affect the placement of the dog.


Our dogs are very special to us, so we are very selective in who we choose to become a guardian family. In addition to agreeing to our contract, families must also live an appropriate distance from Birchcliffe Kennels (Huntsville, Ontario).


Our females are not spayed while they are in the breeding program, so they can not go to homes with un-neutered male dogs.

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